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Garnet enjoys an excellent reputation with its customers, who range from major oil companies to small transport companies, RV manufacturers, and individuals who install their own equipment. As part of our strategy to provide the best service to the customer, Garnet markets its products through local dealers/distributors which are properly equipped and trained to effectively install and service Garnet equipment.

Garnet’s SeeLeveL II RV Tank Monitor has been field proven by tens of thousands of successful OEM and after-market installations.  We are proud of our list of manufactures installing our systems.  Click button to view.



Comments from customers who have retrofit our RV Tank Monitors

  • Just a note to thank you and Ron for helping me get the Garnet SeeLeveL system working in my RV, a 1995 Award Classic 30.  I very much appreciate how quickly you responded and how quickly Ron was able to identify the problem.

    It was a pleasure doing business with you!


    Tony Rawa

    (Oct 2020)

    —Tony Rawa, Another Satisfied Customer

  • “Before buying a SeeLeveL monitor, we never knew the actual level of the black tank, the fresh tank seemed to always stay at 2/3 then all of a sudden it would be EMPTY. After buying a SeeLeveL monitor we always know exactly what our tank levels are, there’s no more guessing. “SeeLeveL is always accurate and it just always WORKS!”   Model: 709   RV: Nexus wraith 2020

    (Aug 2020)

    —Wandering Wagners, RV Bloggers

  • Before buying a SeeLeveL monitor, water and waste tank OEM sensors didn’t monitor accurately. This is the second RV I have installed the SeeLeveL system on and it monitors the tanks very well.”  Model: 709-P3Type of RV: 2011 Forest River Rockwood UltraLite
    (June 2020)

    —James Bean, Another Satisfied Customer

  • I purchased the SeeLeveL II, model 709-HP3W, and could not be happier.  This is a well-designed product and the documentation is superb. Thanks for designing a great replacement product for my old-fashioned LED tank monitoring system. (Oct 2019)

    —Robert Stratton, Applied Digital Systems, Inc.

  • I recently installed a Model 709 tank monitor system in my Winnebago. As a retired electronics engineer, I can appreciate the quality of this product and the thought that went into its design.  I would like to thank the engineer that designed this fine instrument and point out that the overall cost of the product it’s money well spent and a sign of quality workmanship.  Thank you for the effort! (2019)

    —Curtis Ibarra, Satisfied Customer

  • We’ve been RVing for 3 weeks. We couldn’t be more pleased with the SeeLeveL system. The consistency and accuracy have given us great peace of mind.

    We now comfortably go a week between dumping the gray water tanks and we’re approaching 2 weeks on the black water tank. The freedom of not dumping unnecessarily because we can’t trust the sensors is truly fantastic.  (2019)

    —Pat G., Satisfied Customer

  • Tom, Received the unit Friday morning and installed it on my 3650 Cruisers on Saturday. Works Perfectly!  Was easy to install and wire. You have a great product, and 4 other boaters in the marina have already looked at my system.  Thank you

    —Glen Blake, Satisfied Customer

  • Our coach came with the standard tank monitoring system that read in thirds (Empty, 33%, 66%, Full) and the associated in-tank sensors that were prone to erroneous readings. I wanted something more accurate with a finer resolution and a sensor system that wasn’t susceptible to bad readings from effluence. Queue the Garnet SeeLeveL monitoring systems. I ended up installing our primary display above the pilot’s seat in place of the old display. I also installed a secondary display in the actual wet bay which I’m sure my kids are happy about; they don’t have to babysit the primary display and call out the readings to me while I’m doing tank maintenance. It took a few hours with some basic tools and it was well worth it! This may be my favorite bang-for-the-buck mod so far. (2019)

    —JoAnn and Carl, from Instagram @onehappyohana

  • I have just had installed on my fifth wheel trailer a set of 709-4 tank gauges. This is the second trailer I have had these gauges installed on and they are the absolute best. The set on the first trailer remained accurate for years until I sold that trailer. The gauges they install at the manufacturer in most cases are fairly useless and inaccurate. I would gladly pay extra to have the Garnet gauges installed at the factory. I have had occasion to contact your Customer Service and found them to be helpful and responsive. Thanks for providing a great product! Now my wife won’t run out of fresh water while in the shower. You simply can’t let that happen more than once!

    —Bob Haynes, Satisfied Customer

  • I thought I’d send you folks a link to an installation article I posted on an RV forum website I am working on. I thought some of the folks comments may be of interest to you. Read 709 install article: www.irv2.com

    —Joe Kasunich, RV blogger

  • The SeeLeveL recreational vehicle tank monitoring system has been, for quite a while now, the leading digital display system on the market. Other systems have been introduced, but none with the accuracy, features, and ease of installation of the SeeLevel. I’ve been such a fan of it that I have recommended it be installed in family and friends coaches as well have it in each of our previous motorhomes.  Here is an install of a 713 system on Joe Kasunich’s new Allegro Bus motorhome:  www.irv2.com

    —Joe Kasunich, RV Blogger

  • I am really excited to have an accurate reading of all my tanks this RV’ing season. Install article: www.irv2.com

    —Bill (forum name Warpath), RV Blogger

  • An article from one of our customers who own a Tiffin Breeze, which is a small 30 ft. diesel pusher motorhome that is a newer design released in the past 5 years. Installing the SeeLeveL II Tank Monitor on a Breeze.

    —Anonymous, Satisfied Customer

  • Garnet Instruments uses external sensors and high-grade electronics to eliminate erroneous readings.  Read full article here.

    —Bill and Jenn Gehr, Satified Customers

  • For RVers like us that spend a significant amount of time off-grid dry camping having an accurate holding tank monitor with fine resolution is awesome. The new SeeLevel system has proved most useful, especially when it comes to fresh water levels. In my mind, it’s a crying shame that many new RVs still come with the cheap dummy light level indicators. Read the full review here. Watch the video here. (2017)

    —Ray & Anne, Love your RV! Online RV Magazine