The premium monitor, with superior reliability.

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Premium accuracy

The SeeLeveL™ tank monitor provides percentage full, accurate tank measurement readouts. These readouts are accurate within 3/8 of an inch.

Reliable external sensors

Our trouble-free senders adhere externally to the holding tanks eliminating sewage build-up on the sensors.

Simple to install and retrofit

Two wires connect to your existing system wires and function on a common bus system. Accessible tanks are easy to retrofit.

Customize to fit your tank

Senders are designed to be easily shortened or two can be combined to accommodate almost any holding tank shape or size. (The system will not work with metal tanks.)


  • The SeeLeveL™ Marine Tank Monitor is a water-resistant gauge that monitors up to seven holding tanks aboard your marine vessel.
  • Percentage full measurements are displayed on a bright adjustable LED.
  • Bluetooth® enabled, the monitor allows you to conveniently view tank levels and battery voltage on your mobile device all within range of your marine vessel. You can also customize tank names for easy identification.
  • Aside from Bluetooth® capabilities, additional displays can be added to provide your tank monitor levels from multiple locations on board.
  • Sender panels adhere externally to the tanks, reducing fouling or false readings due to sewage or material buildup within the tank.
  • Once the senders are in place, you can set up each tank with its own low or high-level alarm to notify you if, for example, your black tank is too high or if your fresh water level is too low. Tank alarms can be silenced until you attend to your tanks and alarms will automatically be reset.
  • Different external alarm indicators can be also used such as lights or sounders.
  • Easy push-button operation helps you identify levels quickly when filling or draining is required, as well as providing you with important diagnostic information.