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210 Vehicle Power Conditioner (Discontinued)

Product Overview

  • Maintains a constant 14 volts output despite variations in voltage from the vehicle electrical system. Ideal for operating voltage sensitive equipment such as sensors, computers, and communications systems. Permits proper equipment operation despite inadequate electrical system voltage, and protects equipment from voltage surges of either polarity.
  • Provides a constant output voltage despite wiring and connector losses, engine cranking loads, or alternator failures.  If the input voltage momentarily drops below the minimum of 4 volts, the output voltage will remain above 9 volts for at least 50ms at one amp load current.
  • Efficient switching regulator design will not overload the vehicle electrical system.
  • Fully protected against low input voltage, voltage spikes and transients, output short circuits, and improper installation.
  • Low profile enclosure comes complete with mounting flanges for easy installation. Internal electronics are sealed against humidity.
  • Operates from -45 °C to +60 °C for reliable operation in all temperature conditions.
  • Two year limited warranty.

Nominal output voltage:   14.0 +/- 0. 5 Volts

Maximum output current:   3 Amps @ 4-5VDC input, 4 Amps @ 5-18VDC input

Minimum output current:   0 Amps

Minimum input voltage:   4.0 Volts

Maximum input voltage:   18 Volts (normal operation)
80 Volts (short term transient exposure)

No load input current:   Less than 100 mA

Output noise and ripple:   Less than 100 mV peak

Output short circuit duration:   Indefinite

Operating temperature range:   -45 °C to +60 °C

Fault tolerance protection:   Low input voltage (less than 4.0 volts)
Transient input voltage suppressor (load dump protection) Input – output lead reversal protection
Output short circuit or overload current limit

Dimensions:   3.5” wide by 6.0” long by 0.9” high

Case material:   Mounting plate: Sheet Aluminum

Top enclosure:   Plastic

Enclosure rating:   In cab mounting only

Connecting lead size:   18 Gauge by 8” long

Connecting lead color code:   Red input lead, Yellow output lead