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688-S & 688-D MultiRack™ Optic / Thermistor Rack Control

Product Overview

The 688 MultiRack™ Optic / Thermistor Rack Control represents the leading edge in multifunctional overfill control for transport applications. The MultiRack ™ is used in conjunction with either a SeeLeveL ProSeries ™ or SeeLeveL Special™ truck gauge to allow trucks to load at facilities controlled by either optic style (five wire) and thermistor style (two wire) loading racks. The MultiRack ™ will shut down the loading rack when the product level reaches the programmed shutdown point in the SeeLeveL™ gauge. The 688-S accommodates one compartment.  The 688-D accommodates two compartments.

  • Allows the SeeLeveL™ truck gauge to control an optic or thermistor style loading rack
  • Provides unparalleled loading flexibility for a range of products such as crude oil, condensate, or chemicals without any changes to the system
  • Single and dual compartment systems allows the MultiRack ™ to be used in conjunction with a SpillStop™ to provide overfill protection for both PTO pump loading and rack controlled loading
  • Proven SeeLeveL™ reliability eliminates probe problems in unrefined products
  • Diagnostic LEDs provide visual indication of rack plug condition and permit status
  • The MultiRack ™ circuitry runs entirely on rack power – no truck power is required
  • Fiber optic connection between gauge and MultiRack ™ provides total electrical safety
  • Operation from -40 °C to +60 °C (-40 °F to +140 °F) ambient temperature
  • Easy installation and servicing, uses standard rack plugs
  • One year limited warranty