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709-RVC NLP SeeLeveL II Tank Monitor

Product Overview

The 709-RVC NLP tank monitor is designed for motorhomes and travel trailers with three holding tanks; fresh, grey, and black tank levels. This model also monitors battery voltage, includes an RV-C network interface and a common alarm output which is programmable for level and polarity.

System includes  (1) display monitor, (3) tank senders, and (1) pigtail.

Note: For convenience, a second display console can be added to the system by installing it in the service bay area by the holding tanks. Select the “Display monitor only” to purchase.




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Purchase by calling our Canadian office at 1-800-617-7384 and select option 2.

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Precision accuracy – The SeeLeveL II ™ RV tank monitor provides percentage full, accurate tank measurement readouts. These readouts are accurate within 3/8 of an inch.

Simple to install – Two wires connect to your existing system wires and function on a common bus system. Accessible tanks are easy to retrofit.

Reliable external sensors – Our trouble-free senders adhere externally to the holding tanks eliminating sewage build-up on the sensors.

Customize to fit most tanks – The senders are designed to be easily shortened or two can be combined to accommodate almost any holding tank shape or size.  Note:  Will work on most plastic or poly holding tanks that contain any water-soluble products. Will not work on metal tanks.

Service and Warranty – Our professional and knowledgeable technicians are on-call to assist you with any problems you may encounter. Products offer a one-year limited warranty.

Resolution:  710JS sender: ¼” (6 mm), 710ES sender: ⅜” (10 mm), 710SS sender: ½” (13 mm)

Accuracy:  +/- 8% or better, limited by resolution and tank shape.

Operating temperature range:  +32 to +140 °F (0 to + 60 °C)

Sender materials:  0.008” thick glass epoxy circuit board with conformal coating for circuit protection.  Laminated on the back with 3M 300LSE Bonding Adhesive.

Sender length range:  710JS sender: 4” to 6”, which will measure tank heights from 4 ½” to 7”. 710ES sender: 4 ½” to 12”, which will measure tank heights from 5” to 13” (single sender) and up to 25” (dual senders), 710SS sender: 6” to 16”, which will measure tank heights from 7” to 17” (single sender) and up to 34” (dual senders).

Display mounting panel:  Size: 4” wide by 2.8” high (102 mm wide X 71 mm high). Depth varies, 1” – 1 3/8” (25 – 35 mm), model dependent. Panel screws to wa­ll.

System power requirements:  Display requires 12 volts from the RV battery, the system will function from 11 volts to 16 volts.  Current drain is less than 200mA.

Wiring:  A single two-wire conductor required from the display to the senders. All the senders are wired in parallel. 12 V power and ground required for display. LPG wiring: A separate two-wire conductor required from the display to the LPG sender.

Common Alarm Output:  Maximum voltage: 16 volts DC, Maximum current: 100 mA DC, Polarity: The output makes a connection to ground when the alarm is on.