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759 SeeLeveL Marine Tank Monitor (Display Only)

Product Overview

The SeeLeveL Marine Tank Monitor is a water-resistant gauge that measures the liquid level in up to seven holding tanks aboard your marine vessel.  Each tank can be set-up with its own low or high alarm to notify you when your tanks are too low or too full. This model is Bluetooth enabled that allows you to conveniently view the tank levels and battery voltage on your mobile device (some restrictions apply).

Note:  The Marine Tank Monitor display and senders are sold separately.  Go to the Marine Sender page here for more info.

To purchase this product please contact our Canadian office by email or call us at 1-800-617-7384.

Purchase price:  CA $295.00 ea   US $250.75

  • Provides accurate tank level information using a percentage of full-scale readout on marine vessels
  • Tanks are monitored using Garnet’s proprietary external level sensing technology. This ends fouling problems caused by debris build-up in the holding tank.
  • Detailed diagnostic information monitors sender operation
  • Measures tanks up to 12″ tall with a single sender or 25″ tall with dual senders
  • Tank senders connect to display via a common bus which saves wiring costs
  • Uses common industry connector for ease of installation and servicing
  • Two programmable alarm outputs available which can be used to signal a high or low water or sewer level
  • Bluetooth enabled to view tank levels and battery voltage on your mobile device. (some restrictions apply – see manual)

Resolution:     3/8 inch (10 mm)

Accuracy:     +/- 8% or better, limited by resolution and tank height and shape

Temperature range:    +32 to +140°F (0 to + 60°C)

Sender materials:     0.008” thick glass epoxy circuit board with conformal coating for circuit protection. Laminated on the back with 3M 300LSE Bonding Adhesive.

Sender length range:    4 1/2″ to 12″, which will measure tank heights from 5” to 13” (single sender) and up to 25” (dual senders).

Display mounting panel:   Panel size, approximately 4” wide by 2.8” high by 1” deep (102mm wide X 71mm high X 25mm deep). Panel screws to the wall.

Power requirements:    Display requires 12 volts from the marine vessel battery, the system will function from 11 volts to 16 volts. Current drain is less than 200mA.

Wiring:    A single two-wire conductor required from the display to the senders. All the senders are wired in parallel. 12 V power and ground required for display.