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760-ES SeeLeveL Marine Sender

Product Overview

The 760-ES SeeLeveL Marine Sender is a flexible self-adhesive printed circuit board which is mounted to the outside of the holding tanks.  The sender measures tanks from 5” to 13“ tall with a single sender and up to 25” tall with dual-stacked senders.  This 12” sender can be shortened in 1 1/2” segments and provides 3/8” (10 mm) resolution.  Senders are not compatible with metal holding tanks.  To control the accuracy and functionality of our Marine systems the senders cannot be used in part with any other system.

Note: SeeLeveL Marine Tank monitor can measure from one to seven tanks.  Purchase one sender for each tank.

To purchase this product please contact our Canadian office by email or call us at 1-800-617-7384.

Purchase price:  CA $100.00 ea  US $85.00 ea