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809-DM SeeLeveL Special™ Truck Gauge

Product Overview

The Garnet Model 809-DM SeeLeveL Special™ Truck Multi-Tank Dispensing System is designed for body trucks with up to 6 product tanks. It also has remote inputs to connect up to 3 additional Garnet gauges, which may be used for water tanks in the same system. Front panel controls, remote communications (serial port), PTO sensing, valve actuation, and other features allow the user to accurately dispense specific volumes of chemicals. Level displays, alarms, and shutoffs were engineered to make the 809-DM a complete solution for chemical dispensing truck tank systems.

Distributed exclusively through our partner Hernco Fabrication.





  • Self-diagnostic features enable troubleshooting by mechanics
  • Intrinsically safe, the 809-DM is applicable across a wide range of flammable, hazardous, and inert fluids
  • Fiber optic connection between tanks and display for complete electrical safety
  • All-digital design eliminates reading drift, ensuring long-term accuracy under all conditions without the need forcostly and time-consuming re-calibration
  • Microprocessor-based technology provides a resolution of 1/6” or 1/10”
  • Calibrated (with the 817-USB programmer) to read in inches of level, or in volume units such as pints, quarts, gallons, litres, or cubic meters
  • High reliability – no moving parts except for the molded plastic floats
  • Micro power circuitry runs on internal batteries – truck power not required for basic functionality
  • Operation from -40 °C to +60 °C (-40 °F to +140 °F) ambient, up to +85 °C (+185 °F) product temperature
  • Lightweight, compact, and chemical resistant polyethylene float will float on very low-density product
  • Each tank has own set of programmable alarms which share a common output for lights, horns, engine shutdowns or valves.
  • Rising level alarm activates if any tank level not being viewed rises more than a few inches. This alerts the operator that the wrong tank is being filled.
  • Daytime viewable LCD displays with back lights for night viewing; 6” x 6” x 4” weather resistant enclosure is suitable for inside or outside mounting
  • Easy installation and servicing, one year limited warranty
  • The gauge operates using a magnetic reed switch sensor bar detecting the float magnetic field. The system provides a stable resolution of up to 1/10” and the fixed position of the reeds eliminates any need for recalibration during the life of the gauge.
  • The reed switch characteristics ensure stable gauge readings even with momentary slight variations in level.
  • A 316 stainless steel seamless tube houses the sensor bar, and the fitting holding the tube in place can be either steel or stainless steel. The tube and polyethylene float are resistant to oils, fuels, acids, sewage, and most chemicals. The sensor bar is fully sealed to prevent moisture or product from damaging the bar. The bar can be ordered to fit any size tank up to 85” (1/6” resolution) or 51” (1/10” resolution) in height, and can be easily removed for servicing, or for use on another trailer.
  • The circuitry in the sensor bar is powered by a lithium battery with a lifetime of approximately 10 years.
  • Plastic fiber optic cable transports the information from the sensor bar to the display to provide complete electrical isolation for the components inside the tank. The fibre optic light level is ten times higher than required, so the fibre can be cut with a knife for easy installation; no polishing or special preparation is required.
  • The 809-DM display is powered by a lithium battery with a 10 year life. The LCDs are large enough to allow display viewing from up to 15 feet away. For easy night viewing, there are lights behind the LCDs and the front panel buttons which are powered by 12V truck power. The display is built into a Hammond enclosure, which is weatherproof and able to resist indirect road spray.
  • The gauge is calibrated during installation with the 817-USB programmer. The calibration can be done in inches of level, or in any volume unit desired, as long as a calibration table (volume vs. depth) is available for the tank. The display has four digits, allowing better than 1/4% accuracy on the readout.
  • The overfill alarm outputs on the 809-DM are also programmed with the 817-USB programmer during installation, and may be altered at a later date if desired.
  • The SeeLeveL™ family has 20 years of service history with thousands in service in a large range of applications.