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815-UHP SpillStop Ultra™ Hose Protection Alarm Controller – PTO Version

Product Overview

The 815-UHP SpillStop Ultra™ Hose Protection Alarm Controller (PTO Version) works in conjunction with a Model 808-P2 SeeLeveL Special™ or a Model 810-PS2 SeeLeveL ProSeries II™ a  system to assist the truck operator with truck tank overfill protection in applications where the fluid is loaded with a PTO driven pump. The 815-UHP also prevents spills and damage due to blown hoses by shutting downloading if excessive hose pressure is detected.  The SpillStop prevents costs due to overfill spill clean up, equipment and property damage, legal consequences that can occur from high costs which will inhibit the profits of a trucking company.

View the video on how the 815-UHP series works by selecting the video thumbnail on at the left.

The SpillStop Ultra™ is suitable for spill control of crude oil and chemical hauling.

  • Provides automated control of PTO driven pumps for spill prevention during loading
  • Each 815-UHP accommodates one compartment. Uses SeeLeveL ™ gauge alarm points to provide a warning horn and an engine shutdown
  • Prevents spills and damage due to blown hoses by shutting downloading if excessive hose pressure is detected
  • Monitors both loading and unloading PTO status to prohibit overfilling while allowing unloading regardless of tank level
  • PTO monitoring also prevents inadvertent horn activation or engine shutdown during driving
  • Single bypass silences the warning horn and permits pump restart to allow hose cleanout without risking tank overfill
  • The bypass is automatically cancelled during offloading to remove the human factor so the operator is not required to re-arm the system to maintain spill protection
  • Front panel LEDs display complete operational status
  • The wiring from the gauge to the controller is monitored for open and short circuits
  • Configured for easy upgrade from 815-U model
  • Weatherproof display enclosure and can be mounted inside or outside the cab
  • Designed for both body trucks and tractor-trailer units
  • Operation from -40 to +60 °C (-40 to +140 °F) ambient temperature
  • Easy installation and servicing
  • One year limited warranty

With the tank empty, engaging the PTO in the loading position will activate the system.  If there is a closed valve on the discharge side of the pump, the excessive hose pressure will be detected and will cause an immediate engine shutdown. This prevents damage and spills due to blown off hoses. When the float reaches the HORN alarm point, the horn will sound and the engine will shut down. With the PTO still engaged, pressing the BYPASS button on the SpillStop will turn off the horn and allow the engine to restart, allowing the operator to clean out hoses.  If loading is continued to the point that the SHUT DOWN alarm point is reached, the engine will again shut down. There is no bypass button for this condition so it is not possible to load higher than this point due to the risk of an overfill spill.  The tank can still be unloaded with a PTO driven pump by switching the PTO to the unloading position, this will bypass the shutdown and allow the engine to operate.  If there is a valve closed on the discharge of the pump for unloading then the engine will shut down just like during loading.  When the PTO is disengaged, any horn or shutdown alarm is only shown on the indicators, the horn is always off and the engine is always allowed to run.  This prevents sloshing or any faults from sounding the horn or killing the engine during driving.

When the tank is unloaded, the bypass will be cleared (the system is re-armed). This automatic feature means that there is no need for the operator to remember to re-arm the system. During all phases of operation the status of the PTO, alarms, valve or wiring faults, bypass, and engine permission are shown on the front panel LED indicators.
Installation is straight forward. The system draws less than 1/8 amp so it can operate from any convenient 12 volt circuit.

When the tank level is below the HORN alarm point, the bypass will not work, preventing accidental bypassing below the alarm point. Delays are incorporated into the system to prevent electrical noise or momentary bad connections from disrupting operation. A short circuit in the wiring to the gauge lights the red SHORT CIRCUIT indicator and shuts down the engine.  An open circuit in the wiring to the gauge, or a disconnection of the plug to the trailer, lights the red UNPLUGGED indicator, sounds the horn, and shuts down the engine.  The horn sounding can be bypassed but these shutdowns cannot be bypassed (as always, PTO disengagement will allow engine restart).  The pulse signal between the gauge and the controller cannot be corrupted by poor connections or moisture in the wiring, if the signal is too badly degraded it defaults directly to an open or short circuit condition. A failure of the SeeLeveL or SeeLeveL Special gauge also causes the SpillStop to default to a shutdown condition. The controller will operate at truck voltages from 8 to 16 volts.