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900-D6 Series SeeLeveL II™ Tank Fluid Monitor

Product Overview

The SeeLeveL II™ Single Tank Fluid Monitor is a microprocessor-based digital system that measures the fluid level, volume and temperature in storage tanks. This self-powered engineered system will operate reliably for years on battery power making it ideal to operate in remote sites with stationary tanks, frac tanks, and poly tanks.

The 900-D6 series requires four to eight standard alkaline “D” cells or Lithium “AA” cells, the lifetime can vary between one and five years depending on communication options and the frequency of reporting.  The display features large, backlit easy to read 5-digit LCD’s.  The 900-D6 series has over 5 years of proven reliability in the industry.

Depending on your requirements for level management, multiple configurations are available.  See below dropdown menus for options.

Contact us so we can help develop answers for your liquid management challenges or download the brochure and catalogue for more details.

  • The SeeLeveL II ™ Tank Monitor displays level, volume, temperature, alarm status, and menu programming items.
  • Fully digital system with ¼” (6 mm) measurement increments plus or minus ⅛” (3 mm) accuracy.
  • The display features large, backlit easy to read 4-digit LCD’s.
  • The weatherproof enclosure operates in an outdoor temperature range of -40 °F to +140 °F (-40 °C to +60 °C).
  • Alarms consisting of a transistor conducting to ground are rated for 100mA at 24Vdc.
  • The sender bar is Class I, Div 1 CSA certified. The display is Class I, Div 2 CSA certified.
  • Sender bar operates in a product temperature range of -40 °F to +194 °F (-40 °C to +90 °C).
  • Float movement with the liquid is the only moving part.

The SeeLeveL II ™ consists of a sender bar, a donut-shaped float, a fibre optic cable, and a display. The sender bar is mounted vertically in the tank with the float sliding up and down in accordance with the fluid level. The sender bar sends the fluid level, volume and temperature information via fibre optic cable to the display. The fluid temperature is the average value of the sensors below the fluid level. The display shows the level, volume, temperature, and alarm status to the user, and provides alarm and remote communication outputs.

Integration choices ready for your application.

900-D6S  – Single version displays inches of level, volume, temperature, and alarm status full time.

900-D6D – Dual version displays the volume and temperature of two tanks full time, with inches of level and alarm status for each available at the press of a button.

900-D6Q – Quad version displays the volume of up to four tanks full time, with temperature, inches of level, and alarm status available at the press of a button.

900-D4I –  Interface version has the ability to read two different fluid densities and displays the total, below the interface, and above interface volumes full time, as well as temperature.

Proven design for reliable, ultra accurate measuring.

The electronics are housed within a 1” corrosion-resistant sealed tube running from the top to the bottom of the tank. Several corrosion resistant float sizes and types are available to facilitate easy installation and operation with various fluids.

Intrinsically safe and robust

  • Garnet’s intrinsically safe sender bar is Class I, Div 1 CSA certified. A weatherproof enclosure at the top of the bar is for fiber optic interconnection and battery access.
  • Operates for up to 5 years from a lithium battery module providing ultra-low power usage. Servicing can be done without powering down gauge or making the area non-hazardous.
    Electronics housed within a 1” corrosion resistant sealed tube running from the bottom to the top of the tank.
    Integrated product temperature measurement; no additional sensors are required. Temperature range is -40 °C to +90°C (-40 °F to +194 °F).
  • Fully digital system with 1/4” (6 mm) measurement increments ± 1/8” (3 mm) accuracy. The fixed reed positions inside the bar eliminate sender bar recalibration.

Options are configurable to your tank applications

900-SST – A stainless steel bar option is suitable for portable, mobile and fixed location tanks.

900-PT – A polyethylene sender bar option is flexible and can be coiled up for shipping and to ease installation in tall tanks. Poly yields a lower cost per foot than stainless steel. Due to reduced rigidity, this version is best suited for fixed location tanks.

  • Bar length can be customized to fit tall or short tanks. Several corrosion resistant float sizes and types available to facilitate easy installation with various fluids. Optional water/oil interface level available using a weighted float.
  • Both weighted and welded in bottom anchors available to suit the application, including tank in-service kits.

Automated Telemetry for remote management.

Garnet’s telemetry options provide a wide array of data transfer to organizations looking to take their existing field data operations and move it into their offices – anywhere in the world. By having your data available to you both at your desktop and on the go, you will be able to regulate logistics better, provide information for regulatory compliance to those that matter faster, and make it possible to reduce costs and save time.

Options: Modbus, WITS/Pason, and Wireless. These options allow remote monitoring in both wired (external power required) and stand-alone battery powered applications.