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927 SeeLeveL IV™ Pump Stroke Counter (Discontinued)

Product Overview

The Garnet Model 927 SEELEVEL IV Pump Stroke Counter uses an inductive proximity sensor to count pump strokes. Using that count, it accurately calculates strokes per minute, litres per minute, total strokes and total volume. The 927 Stroke Counter was designed for use in challenging and extreme environments, with a weatherproof enclosure and backlit LCD display. A built-in keypad allows users to program and calibrate the counter without the need for an external programmer.

  • Weatherproof enclosure and rugged components provide for operation between -40°C and +90°C.
  • 4 separate backlit LCDs display a range of valuable information in light and dark environments
  • Integral voltage sensor advises operator immediately if there is a possible problem with input voltage.
  • Integral keypad allows programming without need for additional equipment.
  • Programmable parameters for gear reduction and volume per stroke enable accurate calculation in a wide range of operating environments.