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806-B SeeLeveL Annihilator™ Truck Level & Volume Gauge

Product Overview

The SeeLeveL Annihilator™ model 806-B Truck Gauge is a highly advanced device suitable for liquid level measurement for non-code truck applications.  This value-priced option is designed for reliable, accurate level measurement of non-flammable liquids such as water, sewage, and many chemicals.  The 806-B rugged enclosure can be mounted outside and stands up to harsh road and field environments. The LED display provides night visibility and is large enough to view from up to 10 feet away.

This system provides reliable solutions eliminating:
• the uncertainty of the amount of product being loaded or unloaded.
• weigh scale fines by letting you know the exact amount of fluid in the tank.


View the video on how the 806-B system works by selecting the video thumbnail of the product image.

  • The 806-B is a value-priced level gauge optimal for truck tanks hauling non-flammable liquids such as water, sewage, or non-flammable chemicals
  • The enclosure can be mounted outside and stands up to harsh road and field environments. The LED display provides night visibility and is large enough to view
    from up to 10 feet away.
  • A compact-sized display, ideal for mounting inside the truck cab, is also available. (806-Bi)
  • The solid-state digital design eliminates reading drift, ensuring long-term accuracy with no need for costly recalibration during the life of the gauge.
  • The magnetic float system accurately measures liquid and is unaffected by foam, vapor, temperature or pressure.
  • The system operates on 12 Vdc truck power.
  • Monitors up to three compartments eliminating the need for multiple displays.
  • Tank numbers 4 – 9 can be displayed in applications where there are more than three compartments being monitored by more than one display.
  • Each compartment has four alarms that can activate an overfill horn or light. One alarm per compartment can be disabled at the push of a button.
  • The stainless steel sender bar is sturdy and will not twist or bend. The bar is resistant to corrosive liquids and does not experience signal degradation. The bar can be cut to fit any size tank up to 221 cm (87”) in height.
  • The gauge operate using a magnetic reed switch sensor bar detecting the float magnetic field. The system provides a stable resolution of 1/4” and the fixed position of the reeds eliminates any need for recalibration during the life of the gauge.
  • The reed switch characteristics ensure stable gauge readings even with momentary slight variations in level.
  • A 304 (316 optional) stainless steel seamless tube houses the sensor bar, and the fitting holding the tube in place can be either steel or stainless steel. The tube and polyethylene float are resistant to sewage and many chemicals. The sensor bar is fully sealed to prevent moisture or product from damaging the bar. The bar can be cut to fit any size tank up to 86.5” in height, and can be easily removed for servicing, or for use on another trailer.
  • Two wires are required between the sensor bar and the display, and the display requires 12 volt truck power. The signal between the bar and the display is coded so that any degradation on the signal line caused by water, salt, or corrosion will not cause false readings.
  • The gauge is calibrated during installation with the 817-USB programmer. The calibration can be done in inches of level, or in any volume unit desired, as long as a calibration table (volume vs. depth) is available for the tank. The display has four digits, allowing better than 1/4% accuracy on the readout.
  • The alarm outputs are also programmed with the 817-USB programmer during installation, and may be altered at a later date if desired.
  • An overfill warning feature permits a simple alarm to be operated and then bypassed by pressing the alarm bypass button. The alarm will automatically reset when the tank is empty.
  • Over 15 years of service history with thousands in service in a large range of applications.

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