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709-4P SeeLeveL II™ Tank Monitor (Display Only)


Product Overview

The 709-4P tank monitor is designed for accurate level measurement of 5th wheel trailers with four holding tanks. This system monitors battery voltage, fresh, grey, galley and black water levels. The level in percent is shown on a three digit LED display. This model includes a single-pole pump switch on the display panel.

Display Only:  Available to purchase as a second console to be installed outside by the holding tanks.

  • Full featured system for either OEM or retrofit applications
  • Provides accurate tank level information using percentage of full readout
  • Tanks are monitored using Garnet’s proprietary external level sensing technology. This ends fouling problems caused by debris build-up in the holding tank.  Detailed diagnostic information monitors sender operation.
  • Measures tanks up to 12 inches tall with a single sender or 24 inches tall with dual senders.  The 710JS sender option gives improved accuracy for tanks from 5” to 7” tall.  The grey and galley tanks are limited to 12 inches tall.
  • Tank senders connect to display via a common bus which saves wiring costs
  • Uses common industry connector for ease of installation and servicing