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709-RP SeeLeveL II™ Tank Monitor (Display Only)


Product Overview

The 709-RP tank monitor is designed for accurate level measurement of motorhomes and trailers with three holding tanks. This system monitors battery voltage, fresh, grey, and black water levels as well as the LPG tank. The level in percent is shown on a three digit LED display. This model includes a 3-way pump switch on the display panel and four analog signal outputs. It is also designed to interface with Monaco’s Aladdin System.

Display Only:  Available to purchase as a second console to be installed outside by the holding tanks.

  • Full featured system for retrofit applications
  • Provides accurate tank level information using percentage of full readout
  • Tanks are monitored using Garnet’s proprietary external level sensing technology. This ends fouling problems caused by debris build-up in the holding tank.  Detailed diagnostic information monitors sender operation.
  • Measures tanks up to 12 inches tall with a single sender or 24 inches tall with dual senders.  The 710JS sender option gives improved accuracy for tanks from 5” to 7” tall.
  • Tank senders connect to display via a common bus which saves wiring costs
  • LPG tank connection compatible with existing electric senders
  • Uses common industry connector for ease of installation and servicing
  • Utilizes continuous tank level scanning to provide a 0 – 5V output to communicate with the Aladdin System.  This allows replacement of the unreliable pressure sensors used to determine tank level.  The output voltage can be calibrated to match the existing Aladdin display for unprecedented tank level accuracy

Resolution:  3/8 inch (10 mm)

Accuracy:  +/- 8% or better, limited by resolution and tank shape

Operating temperature range:  +32 to +140 °F (0 to + 60 °C)

Sender materials:  0.008” thick glass epoxy circuit board with conformal coating for circuit protection.  Laminated on the back with 3M 300LSE Bonding Adhesive.

Sender length range:  4-1/2 to 12 inches, which will measure tank heights from 5” to 14” (single sender) and up to 26” (dual senders).

Display mounting panel:  Black flush mount panel, approximately 4” wide by 2.8” high by 1” deep (102mm wide X 71mm high X 25mm deep).  Panel screws to wall.  Required cutout size is 3” wide by 1.8” high.

System power requirements:  Display requires 12 volts from the RV battery, the system will function from 11 volts to 16 volts.  Current drain is less than 200mA.

Wiring:  A single two wire conductor required from the display to the senders. All the senders are wired in parallel. 12 V power and ground required for display. Single wire required for LPG sender if sender grounded at tank.

LPG:  Display will work with an LPG sender with a maximum resistance of 50 ohms to 500 ohms.  Display shows increasing level as resistance increases.  System must be calibrated with the LPG tank full, or it can be factory calibrated.

Pump switch:  The pump switch is rated for a maximum of 10 amps. The use of a relay is required if more than 10 amps is needed. We recommend using a 10 amp fuse inline with the switch.

Analog Outputs:  These outputs are a 0-5VDC signal. These signals correspond with the 0-100% display reading.