RV Tank Monitors

The SeeLeveL™ RV Tank Monitor represent a massive leap forward in level measurement technology for the Recreational Vehicle industry.
The SeeLeveL II™ and SeeLeveL III™ have a combination of features, accuracy, reliability, and diagnostic capability that have never been available before.

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The SeeLeveL II™ RV Tank Monitor series is available in many different configurations to meet most any motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer tank configuration. Each system provides tank level information using a percentage of full readout. Detailed diagnostic information is available through the system monitor and systems are available to monitor up to 4 tanks, battery voltage and LP levels.  See more information below.


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The Seelevel System







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Have you experienced unreliable readings or false full readings just after you know you have drained the tanks? Does the resolution of 1/3 or 1/4 fail to meet your needs, especially when dry camping for extended periods?  The SeeLeveL II and SeeLeveL III solves these issues and more.

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This chart makes it easy to see all the features to find out which version works for you.

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The Seelevel display mounts inside the RV.   For convenience, a second display can be installed in the service bay area by the holding tanks.

To purchase an additional display select your current model under the “DISPLAYS ONLY” category.


To determine which sender configuration to use for your tanks measure the height of the tank and refer to the following table:

Sender Options Chart








SYSTEM SENDERS OPTION:  The SeeLeveL Tank Monitoring System includes 3 X 12” senders.  You can swap any of the 12” senders for the optional 6” sender when placing your order.  See system product detail for each model.

ADDITIONAL SENDER OPTION:  You can also purchase additional senders.  Refer to the following links for the preferred sender detail:

710JS senders

710ES Senders

710SS Senders – currently the 710SS sender is only available to purchase as an additional sender only.

For taller tanks, two stacked 710ES or 710SS senders are used.   Tanks less than 7 inches in height will require a 710JS senders due to better resolution (6 inches X 4 = 24 measurements vs the 710ES or 710SS at 16 4 segments X 4)  Note:  Do not mix sender types when stacking senders.

Holding tanks must be non-conductive material (eg. plastic), system will not work on metal tanks.

Please refer to the manual for installation instructions.

Select this link to view our list of OEM Manufacturers installing our SeeLeveL II RV monitoring systems.