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Upgrade to Bluetooth

October 16, 2020

If you already have a Garnet SeeLeveL II you can upgrade to the Bluetooth model 709-BTP3 by just buying the display monitor only!

Compatible Models: 709-2P, 709, 709-P3, 709-P3W, 709-HP3W

Adding the 709-BTP3 display to a current system can be done one of two ways:

1. Take out the original & install the 709-BTP3 in its place.
2. Connect the wire following the wiring guide.
Requires a wiring harness change.

Additional Display
1. Determine the location to mount the additional 709-BTP3 display.
2. Connect the wire following the wiring diagram guide.
3. Run wire for Pwr/Gnd/Signal/Pump switch (if applicable)

The 709-BTP3 display can be added to systems with telemetry but you are required to set the 709-BTP3 to “secondary” display so it does not interfere with the other communication. List of telemetry models:

Telemetry models: 709-RVC, 709-RVC PM, 709-RVC NLP, 709-BTP3

Click here for the wiring diagram.