Truck Gauge Programmer

Streamline Your SeeLeveL Gauge System with Seamless Programming and Reliable Troubleshooting.

Truck Gauge Programmer Software

The Truck Gauge Programmer (TGP) software facilitates smooth communication between the 817-USB Truck Gauge Programmer and your PC. It allows easy loading, saving, and management of calibration charts, with the ability to copy and paste from Excel. With expanded memory capacity, the 817-USB TGP can store up to thirty-two calibration charts, providing efficient data management for your SeeLeveL gauge system. Experience enhanced precision and convenience with the Truck Gauge Programmer software.


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Enclosure:  Material-Aluminum. 106 mm wide (4.175″) x 160 mm high (6.30″) x 28.5 mm deep (1.12″)

Display: LCD, backlit. Can be turned on or off to conserve batteries. Size: 60.96 mm ( 2.4″) x 24.13 mm (0.95″)

System Power: Powered by alkaline AA batteries, field replaceable with no memory loss

Temperature Range: Use in dry, moderate temperature locations

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