Our Mission

Garnet is dedicated to developing high-quality digital measuring systems that are rugged, reliable, and accurate, allowing industrial OEMs and customers to achieve their environmental and operational goals.

Our Vision

Garnet will strive to accurately, in near real-time, see all levels in any fluid-based vessel so that operators can prevent spills and optimize their operation by continuously innovating our digital instrumentation system.

Our Values​

One of the keys to Garnet's success is our teams. Production, Management, Technicians, and Engineers all work together at Garnet to set common goals, conduct risk assessments, generate recommendations, and implement authorized improvements.

Our core guiding values include:

  • We rely on spirited TEAMWORK.
  • We act with INTEGRITY.
  • We treat each other with RESPECT.
  • We INNOVATE in everything we do.
  • We have the courage to CHANGE.

Our Company

Garnet Instruments Ltd. is our parent company based in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.  Garnet is dedicated to the measurement of liquid levels in all types of applications such as transport tankers, portable tanks, and RV holding tanks. We also specialize in overfill control systems for the bulk liquid transport industry. All of our products and technologies are designed and manufactured in-house and have allowed us to become the dominant player in the crude oil transportation gauge industry.

Our goal is to produce quality digital measurement systems that are rugged, reliable, and accurate. To do this we have extensive in-house resources. Engineering makes extensive use of computer-aided design and has an advanced prototype lab. Manufacturing uses automated assembly and equipment to build the products, which are then tested by skilled staff on custom test fixtures to fully exercise all parameters of the product. The shipping department uses the latest shipping software to ensure on-time delivery. Service uses computer databases to track products for timely repair and to maintain communication with customers.

Garnet US Inc. our US-based office in Granbury Texas, markets, distributes, and supports our products throughout the United States. Products are stocked and maintained in the US distribution center for timely response to customer needs.  Regular feedback from Garnet US ensures that customer concerns and requests are incorporated into product designs. Close communication and cooperation with our customers is the key to both your success and ours.

Our Story

Garnet Instruments Ltd. was founded in 1993 in a garage in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. It quickly relocated to its current location as the business grew. The first products that Garnet developed were testers for the oilfield transport industry. Customers often expressed a desire for a quality measurement system. That was the birth of the first SeeLeveL truck tank gauge. Following the initial gauge’s success, numerous requests for gauges in other applications, such as overfill protection and improve loading rack safety, were received.

As Garnet began to expand, an RV was used to launch the company in the U.S.A.  The sales team began setting up dealers and installation centers for the transport products.  It was during this time that it became clear that there was a need for a new way of measuring holding tanks in recreational vehicles.

SeeLeveL RV monitoring systems were first implemented in aftermarket RV units in 1998. Garnet decided to expand its product offering to RV OEMs after receiving a lot of positive feedback from end-users.

As Garnet began to experience exceptional growth, our facility expanded to accommodate increased production.  To meet demand, Garnet acquired some of the most advanced equipment machinery in Canada. Garnet has grown from a small beginning to being recognized as one of North America’s leaders in liquid-level measurement solutions in both bulk transport and RV industry.

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