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To return your product go to our Customer Returns page for details.  

Warranty registration is not required.  Garnet extends a limited warranty on all our products solely to the original purchaser.  For more information please go to our Warranty Information page.

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Liquid Transport Products

To purchase a Transport product contact one of our sales representatives and let us assist you in selecting the right system for your operational needs. 1-800-617-7384

We service all of the products we manufacture.
For more information contact a Garnet technician.


We service all of the products we manufacture.
For more information contact a Garnet technician.


Select Garnet Transport products come with a three-year warranty.  All other products come with a one-year standard parts warranty.  Please refer to the back of the user manual to find out warranty coverage for your product.

On the displays,  remove the cover of the display enclosure and it should be on the back of the faceplate.

The battery in the 808-P2 Special lasts between 8 to 10 years under normal operation.
The battery in the 810X sender bar lasts between 8 to 10 years under normal operation.
The batteries in the 810-PS2 ProSeries last about 3 years. The nighttime LEDs will lower the lifetime of the batteries.

SeeLeveL Special 808-P2 – No. The battery is non-serviceable. Please return it to Garnet for replacement.

SeeLeveL ProSeries 810-PS2  – Yes. Replace with four new AA cell batteries.

SeeLeveL Truck Programmer 817-USB – Yes. The 817-USB operates on four user-replaceable “AA” batteries.

The 808-P2 display should never read zero due to the height of the anchor support plate recommended at 3” from the bottom of the tank. The level is read at the midway point of the float therefore even with no anchor support it cannot read zero.

Yes. To recalibrate the display you will need to use a  SeeLeveL Truck Programmer 817-USB. Calibrating only needs to be done once at the time of installation.

The display is calibrated in the units specified by the customer at the time of installation. Most commonly in Canada is liters (L) and cubic meters (m3).
Most common in the United States is barrels (bbl) and US gallons (gal).

The display is receiving the wrong number of bits from the sender bar.
Make sure both the display and sender bar are in the same inch mode.
Sometimes low battery in the display or the sender bar can cause this to happen.

This means no light (no L) is being received from the sender bar.

No. You would have to download our software. Our software will have a box to click for gallons or bbls.

Copy the calibration into the 817-USB programmer. Once it’s copied, inch up to the value in question. With the offset arrow button on your programmer adjust up or down, to your desired value.

The fiber optic cable plugged into the 808-P2 display needs to be unplugged and plugged in the arrow opto in on the 817-UHB programmer. Once this is done, press the bar test button. The empty bar inches should show up on the programmer on the inches side.

With your 817-USB programmer inch up to your desired value, and once you get there, then push the alarm button on the programmer. The programmer will populate to setting alarm 1-4. You will select 4.

Holding Tank Products

To purchase a SeeLeveL System, simply visit our website’s Holding Tanks Solutions, scroll down to choose your desired model, utilize the selection tool to determine the best fit for your RV, select the purchase button associated with your chosen model, customize your order by selecting senders for each tank, review sender options to ensure compatibility, proceed to checkout to input shipping and payment details, and await delivery to your specified address.

Yes.  The standard senders may be swapped out for the other available sender sizes. See “How do I purchase a SeeLeveL tank monitoring system?” for more information.

SeeLeveL uses sensors (senders) placed on the outside of tanks to measure the liquid levels. These senders send data to a monitor, which displays the level information.

SeeLeveL can monitor a range of tanks, including fresh water, gray water, black water, and even LPG (propane) tanks, provided they are equipped with an electrical sensor. Although the SeeLeveL system was originally designed for RVs, it will also work on holding tanks in marine vessels, ice houses, tiny houses, and more.

SeeLeveL senders can be shortened, or you can combine two to accommodate various tank shapes and sizes, but it’s essential to follow the installation guidelines for customization.

No. SeeLeveL senders are not compatible with metal holding tanks.  They will work on most plastic or poly holding tanks that contain water-soluble products.

Yes, SeeLeveL is designed to be easily retrofitted onto accessible tanks, making it suitable for both new installations and upgrades to existing systems.  Make sure to choose a model that best suits your tank configuration.

Select Garnet holding tank products come with a one-year limited warranty.  Please refer to the back of the user manual for more details.

We have an extensive troubleshooting section in the manual available on our website. 

Troubleshooting is quite simple using the diagnostic codes and parts are readily available.

You can also call Garnet and a service technician will help you at 1-800-617-7384.

No. The communication protocol used between our senders and displays is proprietary. To control accuracy and functionality of our SeeLeveL™ system the senders cannot be used in part with any other RV monitoring system.

No. The sender panels are sprayed with a protective coating for some protection.

On installations where the holding tank is exposed to under-chassis road spray and flying rocks etc., we recommend the use of  rubberized undercoating.

Recommended brands:

3M 03584 Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating.

Gravel Guard Rocker Guard Coating By Dominion Sure Seal

Gorilla Glue Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape

No. Our SeeLevel I displays used a specific sensor that is no longer available. You would need to buy a new SeeLevel II system if any of the components of the SeeLevel I are no longer working.

The model and serial number can be found on the back of the display, under or beside the barcode.

No. SeeLeveL systems with the LPG feature do not come with an LPG sensor. It connects with LPG tanks that are already equipped with an electrical LPG sensor.

No. The display is self-calibrated.

Yes.  You can add a display in both inside your RV and in the service bay next to your tanks.  This is helpful when you want to monitor the level while filling and emptying.  Refer to the Wiring Diagram for two displays.

“Sht” means Short Circuit. It is displayed when the blue communication wire from senders to the display is shorted to ground. See wiring diagnostics in the user manual for more information.

“StA” means Stacked Senders. It appears when the display has been programmed for a single sender where double-stacked senders have been connected. The display has not been set to look for two senders. You will need to change the senders or reprogram the display as required.

“Err” means Error, which indicates a signal corruption between the sender and the display due to bad wiring, bad senders, or multiple senders programmed the same. Check all the senders to make sure they are programmed correctly. If they are, replace the sender that is creating the error.

“OPn” stands for Open Circuit, meaning the display is not communicating with the sender panel.  It’s most likely from an open connection or damaged sender panel. It could also be for the LPG, the only LPG diagnostic code is the open circuit. If the wiring to the LPG sender is shorted then the LPG will always show “0”.

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