Equipping you with measurement for tanks hauling hazardous liquids.

The SeeLeveL Special system is designed for tank trucks hauling flammable liquids, and it provides an accurate digital readout of the fluid inside the transport tank. The all-digital design eliminates reading drift, ensuring long-term accuracy under all conditions without the need for costly and time-consuming re-calibration. The intrinsically safe fiber optic connection makes it suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous applications.

A variety of configurable components have been developed for transport applications such as tank level gauges, spill prevention, loading rack controller, grounding control solution, and related accessories working together to provide solutions for your liquid management needs.

Let us assist you in finding the right system that meets your operational goals.


Level and Volume System

Model 808-P2

The SeeLeveL Special 808-P2, a versatile digital continuous level measurement system with enhanced features, now sports a new label. The upgraded design incorporates additional features, including displaying temperature and battery condition for the upcoming 810-TX sender bar, integrated driver module for the MultiRack, and short-circuit protection on alarm outputs. The system interfaces with both the 810-X or the 810-TX sender bar, showcasing its broad applicability in fluid level monitoring, especially in crude oil transport and similar contexts involving flammable liquids. Additional systems can be integrated with the SeeLeveL Special to improve functionality and meet the operational needs of customers. See additional support products below.



Alarm Controller with Hose Protection

Models 815-UHP & 815-UHP/H

The SpillStop Ultra Alarm Controller works in conjunction with the SeeLeveL Special to provide an audible warning horn, high-level pump shut downs and hose protection. This product increases safety and prevents spill-related costs. The SeeLeveL Junction Box can be added to simplify wiring.

Optic/Thermistor Loading Rack Controller

Models 688-S / 688-D

The MultiRack Controller works in conjunction with the SeeLeveL Special to provide overfill control for optic and thermistor style loading racks.

SUPPORT equipment

Truck Gauge Programmer

Model 817-USB

The SeeLeveL™ 817-USB Truck Gauge Programmer is used to program tank calibrations and alarms and to troubleshoot any SeeLeveL™ 800 series system. The USB interface allows tank calibration files to be created and stored on a PC or laptop.

Junction Box

Model 815-JBC

The SeeLeveL Junction Box, which include a relay, can be used to simplify wiring, reduce cost and increase reliability.

Remote Display & Data Portal

Model T-DP0301

The SeeLeveL Access™ gathers and ports data from the SeeLeveL Special or SeeLeveL Annihilator to a wide variety of ELD systems while displaying tank levels inside the truck.
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