Equipping you with accurate digital measurements for non-flammable liquids.

The SeeLeveL Annihilator system is designed for accurate level measurement of water, sewage, or non-flammable chemicals.  The all-digital design eliminates reading drift, ensuring long-term accuracy under all conditions without the need for costly and time-consuming re-calibration.  The SeeLeveL Annihilator monitors up to three compartments eliminating the need for a display per compartment.

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Level and Volume System

Models 806-B / 806-Bi

The SeeLeveL Annihilator is the ultimate solution for non-flammable liquid level measurement needs in the waste water transport industry. With its unparalleled accuracy and robust features, the SeeLeveL Annihilator system is being widely used in vacuum tanks that haul sewage and grease. Its application extends beyond the industry, making it an ideal choice for various types of liquid level measurement. The system offers two exceptional displays, the 806-B (exterior mounted) and the 806-Bi (in-cab mounted), both capable of monitoring up to three compartments providing users with ultimate flexibility. If additional compartments need to be monitored, an additional display with a capacity of up to nine compartments can easily be installed. Adding the SeeLeveL Access to the system provides not only tank level data but also interfaces with other key systems such as PLC or ELD systems. Trust the SeeLeveL Annihilator for your liquid level measurement needs.


Truck Gauge Programmer

Model 817-USB

The SeeLeveL™ 817-USB Truck Gauge Programmer is used to program tank calibrations and alarms and to troubleshoot any SeeLeveL™ 800 series system. The USB interface allows tank calibration files to be created and stored on a PC or laptop.

Remote Display & Data Portal

Model T-DP0301

The SeeLeveL Access™ gathers and ports data from the SeeLeveL Special or SeeLeveL Annihilator to a wide variety of ELD systems while displaying tank levels inside the truck.
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