How to Select the Right Tank Monitor.

Garnet has several models with different features designed to work on various types of holding tanks.  Use the Display Selection Tool to find out which display suits your application. Use the Sender Selection Tool to determine which sender configuration you need.


2 Tanks – Monitors Fresh, and Black

3 Tanks – Monitors Fresh, Grey, and Black

4 Tanks – Monitors Fresh, Grey, Black, and Galley

More than 4 tanks.

If your RV has a propane (LPG) tank already equipped with an electrical sensor, models are available that can connect to it and show the level of propane in percent of full.

A variety of models are available that are equipped with a pump switch. The 709-HP3W model also has an additional water heater switch. Look at your existing gauge to see if you have either of these.

RV-C is a communications protocol used in recreation vehicles to allow various components to communicate. Our RV-C series is RV-C network compatible, the tank levels and alarms are available on the RV-C bus for the fresh, grey, black, and one LP tank.  SeeLeveL Soul tanks monitor up to 7 tanks (2 fresh, 2 black, 3 grey).

Use the filter tool below to find out what features each model has. Hover over the image to display the model number and list of features included.

Display Options

Select a feature tab to show what options each model includes. 


Measure the height of your tanks to determine which sender configuration to use and how long the senders should be. Senders can be cut to length or stacked to fit almost any size and shape plastic or poly tank.

Measurable space is the “ideal” position of the sender on the tank. Caution: Installing a sender outside of the recommended measurable space may affect your readings.
• We recommend that the senders be installed 1/2” from the top and 1/2” from the bottom of the tank, although the gap may be less if needed. The minimum gap is 1/4″. The maximum gap for the 710-AR is 3/4″, and 1″ for the 710-ES2″. This gap ensures that the sender can read properly through the tank wall as the corners or rounded edges of the tanks can be too thick for the sender to read through.
• Subtract the gap space from the overall tank height. If you choose a 1/2” gap, then you would subtract 1” from the overall tank height. This will result in your measurable space.  Note: In order to get the best reading possible, you want as many read segments as possible on the tank.

Refer to the Sender Installation Guide for more details.

Once you know the measurable space for your tanks use the filter tool below and select the tabs with measurement ranges to determine the optimal sender configuration for your tanks.

Sender Configuration Options

Select from the filter tabs which have various tank height ranges to choose from. Select a tab with the closest range to the measurable space of your tank to see the recommended options.


Once you’ve identified the display monitor model you need, selected the appropriate senders, and determined their quantity for your RV, proceed to our Holding Tanks Products page. There, simply search for the specific model number of the display monitor and senders you’ve chosen, and click on the corresponding “System” or “Display” links to complete your purchase.

If you’re uncertain about which monitoring system to choose, need guidance on sender selection, or have any other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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