Below is a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Transport (800 Series), Permanent Sites (900 Series) and RV (700 Series) products.  To view questions related to the desired type of product select the applicable series in the Find a Topic and click on the arrow button.

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RV Tank Monitor Service & Support

We have an extensive troubleshooting section in the manual which available on the website. You can also call Garnet with the Canada & USA toll-free numbers and our service techs will help you. Troubleshooting is quite simple with the modular construction and the diagnostic codes, and parts are readily available.

No. The sender panels are sprayed with a protective coating for some protection.

Very little, it draws about 1/10 of an amp when operating, less than 1/100 amp when off. You can leave it turned on for a few weeks, but you should turn it off if to conserve the battery if the rig is not being used for more than a couple of months.

Yes, we recommend Premium Rubberized Rocker Guard.

It has to be a plastic tank with a wall thickness of 3/4” or less, and the liquid inside must be water based.  It will not work on metal propane tanks (you must use the existing LPG sensor) or on gasoline tanks.

No. The display is self-calibrated.

“Sht” is displayed when the signal line is shorted to ground.

“StA” appears when the display is programmed for one sender panel but dual sender panels are connected to that tank.

“Err” stands for error. The display does not recognize the signal coming from the sender panel. It is likely from faulty wiring or damaged sender panel.

“OPn” stands for open circuit, meaning the display is not communicating with the sender panel.   It is most likely from an open connection or damaged sender panel.

The model and serial number can be found on the back of the display, under or beside the barcode.

Truck Gauges Service & Support

We service all of the products we manufacture.
For more information contact a Garnet technician.


Select Garnet Transport products come with a three-year warranty.  All other products come with a one-year standard parts warranty.  Please refer to the back of the user manual for your product to find out what kind of warranty it has.

The battery in the 808-P2 Special lasts between 8 to 10 years under normal operation.
The battery in the 810X sender bar lasts between 8 to 10 years under normal operation.
The batteries in the 810-PS2 ProSeries lasts about 3 years. The night time LEDs will lower the life time of the batteries.

Yes. Replace with four new AA cell batteries.

The battery in the 808-P2 SeeLeveL Special is non-serviceable. Please return to Garnet for replacement.

The display should never read zero due to the height of the anchor support plate recommended at 3” from the bottom of the tank. The level is read at the midway point of the float therefore even with no anchor support it cannot read zero.

Yes. To recalibrate the display you will need to use an 817-USB SeeLeveL Truck Programmer. Calibrating only needs to be done once at the time of installation.

The display is calibrated in the units specified by the customer at the time of installation. Most commonly in Canada is liters (L) and cubic meters (m3).
Most common in the United States is barrels (bbl) and US gallons (gal)

The display is receiving the wrong number of bits from the sender bar.
Make sure both the display and sender bar are in the same inch mode.
Sometimes low battery in the display or the sender bar can cause this to happen.

This means no light (no L) is being received from the sender bar.

Remove the display from the enclosure and it should be on the back of the faceplate.

Storage Tank Monitors Service & Support

Yes, our technicians can travel to your location. Travel and service time is billed at regular shop rate.

We service all of the products we manufacture.
For more information contact a Garnet technician.

Display batteries last about 1 year. Having the back light on will decrease the life of the batteries.
Sender bar battery lasts about 5 years under normal operation.

Both the display and sender bar have serviceable batteries. The display takes four AA cell batteries. The sender bar battery uses a proprietary 3.6V lithium battery module that must be ordered from Garnet.

No. Master codes are kept confidential.

No. Only Garnet Instrument can change the master code. Any display needing the master code changed must be sent in to Garnet Instruments.

Master codes are unique to each customer and are kept confidential. If you forgot your master code please call us at:  1-800-617-7384

900D4, 900D5, 900D6 Series monitors are Class 1 Div. 2 CSA certified.

900SST and 900PT series bars are Class 1 Div. 1 CSA certified