Flammable Liquids Product Updates

Welcome to our Flammable Products Updates hub, where we keep you informed about the latest developments and enhancements in our product line. This page is your go-to resource for staying abreast of periodic updates, ensuring you have access to the most current and advanced information regarding our product offerings. Expect to find regular updates on features, optimizations, and important announcements as we continually strive to elevate the standards of our flammable liquids products.

808-P2 (Rev M)

The SeeLeveL Special 808-P2 (Rev M) is being updated, not only in looks but functionality. Our engineering team has redesigned the circuit to reduce the risk of damage and increase the product’s longevity.

  • Updated Lexan Label
  • Compatible with the 810-X and 810-TX. Automatically configures for each bar.
  • Displays the temperature readings from the 810-TX Sender Bar
  • The alarm circuit has been updated with resettable fuses to avoid damage caused by shorts in the wiring.

810-TX (New)

The 810-TX sender will take fluid measurement to the next level. Designed to increase resolution and serviceability, the 810-TX will become the standard sender bar for flammable liquids.

  • Increases resolution from 1/3” to 1/4”.
  • Equipped with temperature sensors to provide fluid level temperature to ±0.1°F.
  • Equipped with a field-replaceable battery module.
  • Requires 250-STAT-FLOAT.
  • Requires the updated 808-P2 (Rev M)

808-P2 (Reconditioned Display)

The SeeLeveL Special 808-P2 displays returning for service will be reconditioned and incorporate the new Lexan Label and updated firmware.

  • All recondition displays will include a firmware update that includes the ability to read the 810-TX and display temperature.
  • Recondition displays will also receive the new Lexan label.

817-USB (Firmware Update)

  • New 817-USB Truck Gauge Programmer firmware will be available to ensure compatibility with the 810-TX and 808-P2 (Rev. M) products.
  • Includes an enhanced mode to eliminate alarm corruption.
  • Existing 817-USB programmers can be returned to Garnet US Inc. for firmware update.

Truck Gauge Programmer

  • Software is being updated to increase usability.
  • Detailed list of features coming soon.
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