Training Kit Showcases SeeLeveL at SAIT

Garnet Instruments’ Business Development Manager, Stewart Purvis, introduced our SeeLeveL holding tank solution at SAIT.

Stewart arrived at SAIT with the RV Training Kit, a portable demo display featuring SeeLeveL Senders and a variety of Tank Monitors, effectively showcasing Garnet’s system. This portable setup was designed for easy transportation and is ideal for educational purposes.

The demonstration illustrated the operation of Garnet’s solution, with SeeLeveL Senders transmitting data to the display monitors, ensuring accurate tank level readings and efficient management. The response from SAIT instructors was overwhelmingly positive, with immediate requests for their own RV Training kit.

Beyond SAIT, Garnet actively collaborates with Okanagan College on product training initiatives and we are excited about the prospect of expanding our educational outreach to U.S. training institutes within the next few months.

The development of the RV Training Kit was a collaborative effort within Garnet’s team, reflecting our dedication to innovation and education, shaping the future of fluid level monitoring, and driving progress in the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about Garnet’s SeeLevel holding tank solution or exploring partnership opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, let’s innovate and drive progress in fluid level monitoring.

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