The Next Generation
Tank Monitor

Providing OEMs a cost-effective monitoring option that gives the end-user unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Product Description

The SeeLeveL Soul (708-RVC H) is a Data Link Module that collects tank level information from the SeeLeveL senders and transmits it to a multiplex system through the RV-C bus. With no visible display, it is designed to be concealed inside the RV so OEMs can avoid using up valuable wall or cabinet space.

Monitoring Capabilities

Up to 7 water tanks can be monitored using the Soul. To measure taller tanks, each one can be double stacked. On the RV-C bus, the 7 tanks are listed as Fresh, Grey, Black, Fresh 2, Grey 2, Black 2, and Grey 3. As a result, the Soul can be configured to accommodate practically any RV tank arrangement.  The Soul monitors the water tanks as well as having a specific input for an existing third party LPG tank sensor. 

RV-C Interface

The Soul Data Link Module can connect to the RV-C Bus through the CAN outputs on the pigtail harness or the 4-pin connector traditionally used on other SeeLeveL RV-C displays.  OEMs can select the method that best suits their installation process from two connection choices. 


User Interface

The SeeLeveL Soul User Interface is used to configure the Soul through the Micro-USB port. You can choose which tanks report to the RV-C bus and how many senders are utilized on those tanks. Garnet also offers pre-configured devices, saving you time during installation.  To download the user interface  configuration tool software, select the button below.


All SeeLeveL Sender Model can be utilized by the Soul Module. The first Fresh, Grey, and Black water tanks are the only ones that can use the 710-JS, 710-ES, and 710-SS senders. The 710-AR and 710-ES2 senders can be programmed for any of the 7 tanks.  The sender programming tabs can be clipped so that the Soul will recognize them as a particular tank that maintains common bus wiring, hence lowering the overall amount of wire needed. 


Includes:  (1) data link module, (1) pigtail

Senders:  Compatible with the 710-AR and 710-ES2 senders.  Senders sold separately. 

Monitors:  Up to seven tanks (Fresh, Grey, Black, Fresh 2, Grey 2, Black 2, Grey 3), and  Battery voltage

LPG:  Connects to an existing LPG sensor

Other:  RV-C Interface multiplex compatible, Configures through the SeeLeveL Soul user interface


Enclosure: Size: 3.65” wide x 2.28” high x 0.98” deep (92.7 mm wide x 57.8 mm high x 25 mm deep) Enclosure mounts to the wall with screws.

System Power: Module requires 12 volts from the RV battery, the system will function from 11 volts to 16 volts. Current drain is less than 200mA.

Wiring: A single two-wire conductor required from the Module to the senders. All the senders are wired in parallel. 12 V power and ground required for  Module. A separate two-wire conductor required from the Module to the LPG sender.

LPG: Module will work with an LPG sender with a maximum resistance of 50 ohms to 250 ohms.  Module shows increasing level as resistance increases. System must be calibrated with the LPG tank full.

Compliance & Certifications: CAN ICES-003(B)/NMB-003(B)
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference hat may cause undesired operation.


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Installation Manual


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708-RVC Wiring Diagram

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