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710-AR Sender

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This is the product description.

Level and Volume System

Model 808-P2

The SeeLeveL Special is a versatile digital continuous level measurement system that may be used for basic fluid level monitoring and has demonstrated reliability for over 20 years. It is widely used in the crude oil transport industry and can also be used in other similar applications where flammable liquids are transported. Additional systems can be integrated with the SeeLeveL Special to improve functionality and meet the operational needs of customers. See additional support products below.

Level and Volume System

Models 806-B / 806-Bi

The SeeLeveL Annihilator is the preferred liquid level measurement system in the waste water transport industry. While the SeeLeveL Annihilator system is widely used in vacuum tanks that haul sewage and grease, it can be used for any non-flammable liquid. Users can choose between the 806-B (exterior mounted) or the 806-Bi (in-cab mounted) displays, which can each monitor up to three compartments. When there are more than three compartments, an additional display with up to nine compartments must be used. The SeeLeveL Access can be added to the system to provide tank level data to a PLC or ELD system.
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Model 710-JS Sender

Fits tank heights:  4.5” – 7” tall.  

Resolution:  1/4″ (6 mm)

Sender length range:  4″ – 6″ (*can only be used as a single)

Dimensions:  6″ high x 2″ wide

Model 710-ES Sender

Fits tank heights:  5” – 13” tall.  

Resolution:  3/8″ (10 mm)

Sender length range:  4 1/2″ – 12″ (single sender) up to 25″ (dual senders)

Dimensions:  12″ high x  2″ wide

Model 710-SS Sender

Fits tank heights:  7” – 17” tall.  

Resolution:  1/2″ (13 mm)

Sender length range:  6″ – 16″ (single sender) up to 33″ (dual senders)

Dimensions:  16″ high x 2″ wide

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